Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated . Organizations need to collaborate and share cyber threat information (CTI) and use it to improve their security posture . In this paper, we present TRADE — TRusted AnonymousData Exchange — a collaborative, distributed, trusted, and anonymized CTI sharing platform based on blockchain technology . TRADE uses a blockchain-basedaccess control framework designed to provide essential features andrequirements to incentivize and encourage organizations to share threatintelligence information . In TRADE, organizations can fully control their databy defining sharing policies enforced by smart contracts used to control and manage the network. TRADE allows organizations to preserve theiranonymity while keeping organizations fully accountable for their action in thenetwork. Finally, TRADE can be easily integrated within existing threatintelligence exchange protocols – such as the OpenDXL, thereby allowing a fast and smooth technology adaptation to the system to allow for the fast and

Author(s) : Yair Allouche, Nachiket Tapas, Francesco Longo, Asaf Shabtai, Yaron Wolfsthal

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Keywords : trade - organizations - sharing - technology - control -

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