Biomedical question answering (QA) is a challenging problem due to the scarcity of data and the requirement of domain expertise . Growing interests of using pre-trained language models with transfer learning address the issue to some extent… Recently, learning linguistic knowledge of entailment in sentence pairs enhances the performance in general domain QA by leveraging such transferability between the two tasks . We observe that transferring from entailment data shows effective performance on Yes/No (+5.59%), Factoid (+0.53%), List (+13.58%) type questions compared to previous challenge reports (BioASQ 7B Phase B) We also observe that our method generally performs well in the 8th BioASQ Challenge (Phase B). For sequential transfer learning, the order of how tasks are fine-tuned is important. For sequential learning, for sequential transfer .

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Keywords : learning - sequential - transfer - performance - tasks -

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