Trust between team members is an essential requirement for any successful cooperation . Engendering and maintaining the fellow team members’ trust becomes a central responsibility for any member trying to not only successfully participate in the task but to ensure the team achieves its goals . In our model, the robot integrates human’s trust and their expectations from the robot into its planning process to build and maintain trust over the interactionhorizon . By establishing the required level of trust, robot can focus onmaximizing the team goal by eschewing explicit explanatory or explicable behavior without worrying about the human supervisor monitoring and intervening . We model this reasoning about trust levels as a meta reasoning process over individual planning tasks. We additionally validate our model through a human subject experiment. We also validate our . model through the model through human subject experiments to a human Subject Experiment. We models this model through an example of a humansubjects to the human subject’s use of this model. We model the

Author(s) : Zahra Zahedi, Mudit Verma, Sarath Sreedharan, Subbarao Kambhampati

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Keywords : model - trust - human - team - robot -

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