Difficulties behind creating TSO-DSO coordination include combinatorial nature of the operational planning problem involved at the transmission level as well asthe nonlinearity of AC power flow within both systems . Numerical results based on thecoordination of 118-bus TSO system with 32 DSO 34-bus systems indicate that both systems benefit from the coordination. Numerial results show that the coordination between TSO and DSO systems can be efficient and high flexibility and cost-efficiency, according to the authors of a new paper on the topic . The authors say the problem is decomposed into TSO/DSO subproproblems, which are efficiently coordinated by updating Lagrangian multipliers. Thenonlinearities at the TSO level caused by AC power flows constraints are resolved through a novel dynamic linearization. Then onlinearities caused by the T

Author(s) : Mikhail Bragin, Yury Dvorkin

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Keywords : tso - dso - coordination - systems - authors -

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