Millimeter-wave communication with high throughput and high reliability is poised to be a gamechanger for V2X and VR applications . mmReliable achieves close to 100% reliabilityproviding 1.5 times better throughput than traditional single-beam systems . It creates custom beam patterns with multiple lobes andoptimizes their angle, phase, and amplitude to maximize the signal strength at the receiver . With user mobility, mmRelable proactively tracks the motion in the background byleveraging continuous channel estimates without affecting data rates . Weimplement mmReliability on a 28 GHz testbed with 400 MHz bandwidth and a 64element phased-array supporting 5G NR waveforms. Weimplements mReliable on a . 28 GHz Testbed with a . 64element phase-array supported 5GNR waveforms to support 5G N-Wave waveforms and a . 4.5G NR Wave Wave Networks. Wein the background. mm Reliable proactively track the motion by using continuous channel estimate without affecting the data rates without affecting a data rates

Author(s) : Ish Kumar Jain, Raghav Subbaraman, Dinesh Bharadia

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Keywords : wave - rates - high - throughput - g -

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