Recent studies constructing direct interactions between the claim and each user response (a comment or a relevant article) to capture evidence haveshown remarkable success in interpretable claim verification . Owing todifferent single responses convey different cognition of individual users, the captured evidence belongs to the perspective of individual cognition . However, individuals’ cognition of social things is notalways able to truly reflect the objective . The captured evidence correspondinglycontains some unobjective and biased evidence fragments, deteriorating taskperformance . In this paper, we propose a Dual-view model based on the views ofCollective and Individual Cognition . We deviseinconsistent loss to suppress the divergence between global and local evidence for strengthening the consistent shared evidence between the both. Experimentson three benchmark datasets confirm that CICD achieves state-of-the-artperformance. To download the latest version of this article, please visit

Author(s) : Lianwei Wu, Yuan Rao, Yuqian Lan, Ling Sun, Zhaoyin Qi

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Keywords : evidence - news - cognition - article - individual -

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