A.M. Turing Award winners are most commonly white, male, married, U.S. citizen, and received a PhD degree . Results show that the age at which thelaureate won the award increases over the years . Most of the Turing Awardlaureates did not major in computer science; birth order is strongly related to the winners’ success; and the number of citations is not as important as onewould expect . The FP-Growthalgorithm is used for frequent feature mining. Logistic regression plot, piechart, word cloud and map are generated accordingly for each of the interestingfeatures to uncover insights regarding personal factors that drive influentialwork in the field of computer science. We show the TuringAward laureates are more commonly white and more likely to be married than other laureates. The number of citation is not important as expected to expect. Our results also show that

Author(s) : Zhongkai Shangguan, Zihe Zheng, Jiebo Luo

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Keywords : award - turing - show - important - expect -

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