The most commonly used interface between a video game and a human user is a “game controller” We present simple formats for such mappings as well as constraints on possible inputs which are determined by a physical controller or required to be met for a game software, along with methodsto transform said constraints via a button-action mapping and to check oneconstraint set against another, i.e. to check whether a controller can be used in conjunction with a controller while preserving all desired properties, while preserving the desired properties of a controller, while using the controller as a controller with a software that allows the controller to be used with the controller and software, while maintaining the controller’s properties, such as buttons, analogsticks, and so on . We also provide a simple format for the constraints on what mappings that are required by a controller

Author(s) : Florian Mihola

Links : PDF - Abstract

Code :

Keywords : controller - constraints - software - game - properties -

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